Clearing Land – Mowing

I have found that it is very important to start mowing what I have cleared.  Several time I cleared an area, didn’t mow it for a year or two and had to clear it again (yeah sometimes I learn slow).  Close to 10 years ago I happened to find a used DR Field & Brush mower for sale.  While it takes a while to mow an acre of just grass, it does great in light brush and will even take down a sapling.  But such a mower will not take down a stand of brush, at least not without a whole lot of pushing and taking it a bit at a time.

This picture shows an area that I cleared a path through and then kept mowing it every month or so through the growing season.  You can see that some kind of grass will start growing and it makes a very pleasant place to walk through.

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  • 80sDweeb

    We bought a 5 acre property that was not maintained about 16 years ago. I was so surprised when the paths I mowed that had standing 8 foot grasses and weeds were lush green grass only weeks later. It is so encouraging, and motivational, to see the the dramatic changes from such efforts. I went for about 5 years without the kind of mower I could take into the brush, and we lost much (most? all?) of the progress we made, but I just bought a ’72 Massey Ferguson 135 diesel tractor, and I’m on the hunt for a good brush hog or flail mower to put behind it – that should take care of it!

    • I’ve got both a brush hog and flail mower and they are great for turning brush into grass. I haven’t run the brush hog for a couple of years, but plan on opening up a new section of my property so will be using it again soon.

      • 80sDweeb

        It just so happens that tonight I won an auction for an Alamo SHD74 flail mower (surplus from a highway department.) 6ft wide heavy duty flail mower, should work well behind my 45hp tractor, except at over 900 lbs, I will want some weight to hang on the front of my tractor. Suitcase weights are pretty expensive these days. I’m thinking of making a concrete block that hangs from the weight hanger on the tractor. A “suitcase” block.

        Was looking for a brush hog, but the prices were too high for the condition of the mowers – basically beat to death for $500, where for $700 I got a flail that was over $4000 new (made in the late ’90s.) I’ll give the flail a try, and see if I still need a rotary cutter for the really rough stuff.

        • My experience with a flail mower is that it will take down weedy stuff, you need the brush hog when you get into woody stuff. I wouldn’t worry too much about the wight of the flail as it rides on a roller when mowing so the tractor is only carrying part of the weight. The other nice thing about the flail is it spreads the clippings out across the width of the mower rather than in a row like the brush hog.