Rooster or Hen?

Back in the spring when we got our chicks they were supposed to be 24 ISA Browns and 3 New Hampshire Reds.  Well as they have grown we discovered that we only had one chick that was not an ISA Brown.  Tractor Supply got their supplies mixed up I guess.  As they have grown the NH Red is much bigger than the others and I’m starting to wonder if she is really a he.  I have some RI Reds and this NH Red is still much bigger.  I’ve not seen any evidence of crowing, but I’m not where the chickens are in the morning right now.  Look at the pictures below and let me know.  Sorry they are a bit fuzzy, they wouldn’t stand still.

NH Red IMG_0722

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  • BarnGeek

    Hi Jerry, BarnGeek here, that is most definitely a roo. There are three tell tale signs, thin feathers at the base of his neck, darker feathers on top of his wings and the greenish black tail feathers. Yep congratulations it’s a boy!!