Predator Problem – Culprit Spoted

I’ve still been loosing chickens to predators, but it was looking a little different.  The carcass was still inside the electro-net fencing and one time even inside the coop.  Today I was getting them water and heard loud squawking that keep going on.  I go over there and they were all in one corner of the fenced yard and still making a lot of noise.  One of them even managed to wiggle through the fence and run into the woods.  I looked over and against the coop I saw what looked like a pile of grey feathers.  I went in that direction and what I think was a hawk flew up to a tree.

Chicken Eater

Chicken Eater

This hawk was on top of one of the Black Java’s trying to kill and/or eat it, I was surprised that the Black Java was completely covered by this bird of prey.  However the chicken was actually a bigger bird.  I believe I stopped it in time to save the Black Java.  The rest of the girls all took cover under some brush and fallen branches.

Chickens Hiding

I now have to figure out what to do to protect the chickens from aerial predators.  One of methods some have had success with is a rooster.  The last one I had would run away rather than protect the girls, so he was turned into dinner.  I’m hoping this next batch will have someone that can protect the flock against a predator smaller than itself.


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  • Kathie Ward to Jerry Ward

    Jerry, We have 10 or 11 big bird feeders at our house. Every year we get visits from a Cooper Hawk. The bigs take off. BUT the hawk even goes into the trees and bushes hunting the bird. It is a huge bird, and we all get excited when he appears. You would have to have a top on top of the fencing to prevent the hawk getting into the area.
    We have 3 trees Dick paid $1000 for and the deer have been eating them and his container gardens. So we put a fence round the trees and that helped, he thought he would put the containers with onions, tomatoes, peppers etc. in the fenced area. However some critters got to the food instead of us. We planted about 40 daffodils and we came out next day to find holes in the ground where the bulbs were. Reckon we may not see any daffodils next year. Kathie