This web sit is to document my journey of developing 10 acres that my wife and I own in S.E. Michigan.  In my web research over the last 5 + years I find information about people with 2 acres or less and people with hundreds if not thousands of acres.  This site is focused on land holdings of 5 to 20 acres.

I would like to at least have the ability to be self-sufficient as possible.  While I don’t always chose or have the time to do everything my self, I like to know how.  I am interested in what is called urban homesteading and this site will document my journey.  At this point I am just working on clearing and planing, but I will start adding perennial food plants and trees in the spring 2011.

My son thinks he wants to be a farmer, since this property is on a busy road he is planing on growing and selling fruits and vegetables from our front yard.

  • Joe Woo

    Good luck; great job so far. I live in Michigan, and i’m looking for land to do something similar.

  • Love finding your site! We’re in NE Michigan on 6 acres. Slowly growing homestead. Last year chickens, this year pigs. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  • Kate O’Hara

    Just found your site and wanted to introduce myself. Our family has a farm that was established in 1830. It has always been considered a European farm, sustainable and self sufficient .

    I have moved back from San Francisco to spend time with my mother, sister, brother and country cousins.

    My email address is kateohara123@hotmail.com, would love to discuss or share or ? With others in the Southeast Michigan area. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  • Love your site – some great info. We are on a similar journey in Australia and have just recently started our blog – playing catchup to a few years already on the go: http://www.muchmoremulch.blog