My Tractors

I bought a 1964 Ford 4000 tractor.  It came with this bar arrangement on the front but I don’t know what it is for.

  • R_W

    That is a “quick” attach point for a cultivator. You drive in, hook on, and rotate it around to between the wheels. Much better visibility than a 3 point, but took a half day to attach/remove so it really was a dedicated machine all summer. There were big turnbuckles and brace rods that hooked in the holes/slot in the top that held most of the weight.

  • kerry mccarthy

    I wondered when R.Scott mentioned, on replying to your bridge question, shipping containers for the bridge for your tractor to get to the back half of your property, if you had given it any further consideration? There are 20′ and 40′ containers in the Detroit area:
    The 8x8x20 ft container could maybe be hauled on a car-carrying type trailor with some added blocking if you went to get yourself.