Urban Homestead

Normally we associate farm life with the country. But we are working to build our very own suburban farm right here in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Our goal is to use regenerative agriculture to build a self sustaining, and off grid urban farm.

Right now our urban farm has chickens, ducks, goats, and rabbits. We will utilize there manure to create rich soil for growing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our urban farm will not use any chemical sprays or growth enhancements. So you may wonder how we will deal with the problem with pests.

We use our chickens as the pest control, and they provide a constant source of fresh manure to fertilize the plants. Plus the chickens also provide a great tasting egg!

It takes constant hard work, and good planning but we believe it’s all worth it.
By feeding the animals and the plants good healthy food we can provide our family and our neighbors with good healthy food.


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Our small urban farm has chickens that produce great tasting eggs!