Farm Fresh Eggs

Are you interested in local farm fresh eggs right here in Ann Arbor, Mi area? We have a flock of hens on our suburban homestead which produce delicious brown and green eggs!

Why eat local Farm Fresh Eggs from our suburban homestead? First off all they are more nutritious and they taste better. Second your helping one of your neighbors put food on their own table!

 As a family we make it our goal to eat healthy so we make sure the livestock on our suburban homestead are fed good food.  Our Backyard Chickens  get plenty of grains, and fresh greens and get to walk and fly around. So make arrangements on your way home from work, or after you drop off the kids for school, to stop by our Ypsilanti homestead and pick up from Farm Fresh Eggs!

Call or Text Justin @ 734-999-0155

Farm Fresh Eggs!