Property Description

This property has been vacant for decades.  At some point in the past it was part of a farm, that was broken up into 10 acres lots sometime in the 70’s.  The other lots have been all built on and several of them sub-divided.  Across the street is a 500 house subdivision and there are several thousand houses within 1 mile.

The property dimensions are about 1/4 mile east-west and 350 feet north-south with the road on the eastern edge.  There is a creek that comes from the north and crosses the property about halfway back, at the southern edge it turns east and flows along the southern edge out to the road.

Because of the drop in elevation down to the creek bed I have a south and west facing slope.  There is about 3 acres of “high-ground” and the rest is “low-ground”.  The high ground is grass that I mow several times a year.  The low area is mostly scrubby brush plus a stand of planted pines.

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