More Planting Done

I planted 15 raspberries of a new variety from Poland called Polka. We’ll see how they do in S.E. Michigan. Our township collects yard waste and composts it and every resident can get so much a year, this year it is two yards. Since I had a pile on the property now I put a little in the trench I dug for each raspberry plant.

I also planted three “Northern Hardy” Pecan trees and two Paw-Paw trees. I know I like Pecan and three trees, once they get into full production, should give me all the pecans I want plus some to sell.

I’ve never had a Paw-Paw before, but the description sounds good. Apparently to are far to delicate to ship and start to spoil very soon after picking. In a few years I will find out if I like them or not.

I also have 16 Asparagus “two year old crowns” coming, so I have to figure out where to plant them. I’ve discovered that in someplace’s I have very sandy soil and other places have clay. The part I’m finding the clay has been graded after some road work was done a few years ago. so the clay may have come from that.

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