Planting Rasberies and Rhubarb

We dug up the raspberries and rhubarb that had been growing at the house we are moving out of. These had been growing in place for almost 15 years. What started as 4 rhubarb plants divided out to 19, I guess it was past time to divide them. One row of raspberries about 20 feet long became 5 rows, 50 feet long planted about 1 foot apart. I know it is a little late to transplant these items, but if I didn’t do it now I may have to leave them behind when we sell the house. There is going to be some good eating next year along with some to sell. We live on a busy road near several large sub-divisions so my son has plans for a stand to sell fruits and veggies. I’ll take some pictures and post them in a few days.

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