Clearing Where The House Will Be

I spent all the time my body could take the last two days running a chainsaw and dragging logs with my tractor.  The are about 6 or 8 trees that were dead, dying or broken down that are two close to where the house will be.  The place where the house is actually going did not have any trees, but these close ones that we are not saving are now they are on the ground.  Plus I had to clear a path to run the silt fence.  I drug most of the trees out on clear flat ground where my Dad cut them up and took them to his house to use in his wood stove.  Some of them were standing dead wood without even bark on it, so it is ready to burn now.

Looking at where the house will be

I’m discovering that I have several large black walnut trees that will end up being on the south side of the house.  These will provide nice shade in the summer, but I don’t think my kids are looking forward to picking up all the nuts that are dropped in the fall.  I will have to find an avenue to sell them as motivation.

I have also discovered that spending the last 15+ years sitting in front of a computer to make a living has affected my bodies ability to do physical labor.  I am going to be hurting tomorrow.

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