We Have Our Hardwood Flooring

Well something finally went right for us. There is a building supplies auction that happens two or three times a year near us. We picked up 1244 square feet of Brazilian Cherry for $2.26 a square foot. This is less than half the price at the best rate we could find it at a store, and even less than the price of Red Oak. It is about 350 sq ft more than we need, so we are looking at maybe covering part of the basement floor with it.

Check out Peek Auction if you live in the mid-west and are in the market for hardwood flooring, cabinets, doors, windows or other building supplies. For now it is setting in our garage, once the new house is secure I will move it out there. I’m not looking forward to moving more than a ton (literally) of wood twice, but the savings are worth it.

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