We Have Our Permit!!!!

After 10 years of owning the property and what seems like mountains of paperwork we have our permit to build.  When reading the paperwork I discovered that we have to install our erosion control (silt fence) first, and get it inspected before any other work can start.  I had planed to just let my excavator install the silt fence, however it would have to be inspected before they could start digging the basement or running the water/sewer lines, so it looks like I have to install it ahead of time.

Silt fence has to be buried 6″ in the ground, I started trying to dig but it was slow going.  Since I have to installing something in the order of 500′, that is not going to work.  I can rent a 4″ trencher for $75, but my neighbor has a plow for sale so I think I am going to check that out first.  I never know when I will have to cut a trench again in the future and I already have a tractor.

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