I Need A Heat Recovery Ventilator

Due to the fact that a SIP house is very air tight it is strongly recommend to have some kind of air exchange.  The advantage to an air tight house with an air exchange system is you get to control the amount of air coming in and out of your house.  Whereas a drafty house you have no control home much cold air is coming into your house in the winter.

With an airtight house you have the option of using a “Heat Recovery Ventilator”.  This is a system that has the incoming and outgoing air passing close to each other so (in the winter) the heat from the stale out bound air is transferred to the cold incoming air.  While this type of unit does not have 100% energy transfer between incoming and outgoing air, it is much better than just blowing in cold air into your house.

I now have to start researching the various options.  I know I want to hook this up to my HVAC system so the it can feed the whole house rather then just having a few vents placed in the living space.

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