Getting The Chimney Figured Out

I finally had to talk to the manufacture to determine how to install a chimney.  I can install a ceiling plate against the bottom of first floor floor trusses.  This can support up to 50′ of chimney pipe, I will be installing 30′.  I can uses some metal strapping on the underside of the SIP roof panel to keep the chimney centered the hole.  The 6″ pipe has an outside diameter of 8″ and requires a 2″ clearance to combustibles.  That means I need to cut a 12″ hole through the first floor deck and through the roof.  I don’t mind saying I’m nervous about cutting a hole in the roof of my new house.  But I need some heat and this is the quickest way to warm up the house.  If I can get the parts in time I could have a fire by the end of the weekend.

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