Moving The Wood Stove To The Basement

The wood stove I bought weighs about 350 lbs and it is in the back of my pickup.  I have to go down a muddy hill to an opening in the basement that will be getting a sliding glass door.  I have a carry all for the back of my tractor which is basically a platform that attaches to the Three Point Hitch of a tractor.  I have used this to haul all kinds of stuff including bags of cement.

I was able to back the tractor right up to the back of the pickup and set the platform height to just below the tailgate.  I was then able to slide the stove onto the carry all and drive down to the opening in the basement that is due to get a sliding glass door.  I lowered the carry all the way down which put the wood stove within 4″ of the floor.  Since the stove was on a pallet I was able to just slide it off the carry all and across the basement floor.  Check out this video.

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