The Bees Are Mad At Me!

I haven’t check on the hive is about a month.  We sold our house on July 2nd and I have been working on packing and moving as we have to be out in 30 days, therefore the hive didn’t get any attention.  There are two hive bodies with frames and then a third that didn’t have frames but had a mason jar with wax and honey for the bees to get started.  When I pried the top off I found the bees had about half filled the top hive body with comb going every which way.  That all had to be removed with angry bees not liking what I was doing.

I got the comb cleaned up and most of it I put in a bucket.  I don’t think the honey in it is ready because it didn’t look like it was capped so I plan on feeding it back tot he bees.  I also put two medium hive bodies full of frame on the hive stack.  I took video, but it needs editing as it is 40 minutes long and a bunch of the time is me off camera running away from the bees going to get stuff.  It may be next week before I get it posted as the big move weekend is coming up.

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