Chickens In Winter

WE were a bit concerned about how our chickens would do in the Michigan winter.  I have read conflicting reports about how much shelter chickens actually need.  Everything from insulated coops with a heater to “open air coops” that are basically shelters from the rain and a wind break.  I simply ran out of time so my birds ended with the “open air” style.  It is basically closed in on 3 sides and they roust under the shelter.

I went in and dug up the bedding with a digging fork to make it easier for them to dig around.  They sure love it when they find some worms.  I also dumped a shovel of sand/gravel mix for grit if they need it.  I temporally have 17 birds and we are getting 9-10 eggs a day, which is pretty good for Michigan winter with no supplemental light.

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