Winter Hive Inspection

We got busy and did not do a fall hive inspection so we were un-sure of the condition inside the hive.  Since it was almost 60 degrees today we decided to open up the hive and take a look.  There were some bees flying in and out of the hive, which was a good sign.  Conventional wisdom states that a hive can survive the winter on two deeps, so we needed to make sure they had honey stores for the winter in the two deeps we have on the bottom.

The top medium was empty, just a little drawn comb.  The next supper had some drawn comb and just a little bit of honey.  So we took off the two mediums and put them in the basement.  The top deep had frames full of honey from what we could tell by peeking in, so have a good feeling that the bees have enough stores.  We didn’t go deeper into the have as we were afraid of disturbing the bees too much, so we put the cover back on.  Below is a video of this inspection.  This will be the second year for this hive so we are hoping it takes off in the spring.

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