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Wild Flowers Are Blooming

My mother is standing in an area of wood phlox flowers.  This is right in front of my two bee hives.  With all the rain we’ve had they have grown about 2 feet in the past week.

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Still have all our chicks

A light bulb went off in my head tonight. 27 chicks running around is very hard to count, so I finally realized I could just count them after they go to roost for the night. So I went out tonight … Continue reading

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Chicken Update

Today I’m going to cover several miscellaneous chicken updates. First I’ve learned a problem with the A-Frame coop I built.  The chickens can walk up the side an roost on the top.         Next I got the fence moved … Continue reading

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Added a Second Beehive

The place I got my first package of bees from got another shipment and had an extra so I went ahead and got it.  This time I sprayed them bees with a 1:1 sugar solution and I think the install … Continue reading

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Different Size Eggs

We continue to be amazed at the different size eggs. We sometimes get an egg that is almost 4oz (a “large” egg is 2oz) that has two yokes in it an now we just got one the size of a … Continue reading

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Installing A Package Of Bees

Well our bees did not survive the winter.  We were very disappointed because they were alive in late January.  About a week ago we got a package of bees and installed them in our old hive.  I decided to put the deep … Continue reading

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Interesting Blog On Axes

I have to admit I’m a sucker for axes and machetes and the blog below is some of the best information I’ve seen on axes.  You might be interested in checking it out.

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Chickens Starting To Get Along

We starting to integrate the chicks with the older hens.  We fenced off a section about 6′ x 6′ with just chicken wire so the hens and chicks could see each other.  After a week or so we took the fence down … Continue reading

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