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Update On Plantings

Even though I got them planted late, the Cocks Comb and sunflowers are doing well.  The sunflowers are about 9′ tall and the Cocks Comb are starting to set flowers.  I’m hoping both set seed before it gets too cold. … Continue reading

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Rooster or Hen?

Back in the spring when we got our chicks they were supposed to be 24 ISA Browns and 3 New Hampshire Reds.  Well as they have grown we discovered that we only had one chick that was not an ISA … Continue reading

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Cock’s Comb Growing

I planted some seed that was more than 10 years old that my wife’s uncle gave me. They had a color I’ve never seen before, much more purple then I’ve seen before. I was afraid that the seed had lost … Continue reading

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First 2 Dozen Egg Day

Today when we went out to gather the eggs we got 24, our first 2 dozen day. About a month ago the production jumped from about a dozen to 18-20 as the new chicks started laying.

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Chicken Moving Day – To The Raspberry Patch

I got a new coop built for the chickens.  The old one turned out to be just too heavy and based on the way I built it dragging it will not really work.  So the new one is built on … Continue reading

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Lost Two Chickens To A Hawk

I went out this afternoon to collect eggs (there were 19) and the chickens were not running around the yard like they normally are. As I got closer a large grey bird of prey (hawk?) took off from the chicken … Continue reading

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Looking into Chinampas

I have an acre that is very wet and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.  I ran across an ancient Central American technique called Chinampa that involves raised beds surrounded by canals.  This is reported to … Continue reading

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Changing the Blades on My Flail Mower

I got a used Ford 907 flail mower about 3 years ago.  As the brush I’ve been mowing over the years is changing over to grass the brush hog style mower was leaving a row of cut grass that would … Continue reading

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