Chicken Moving Day – To The Raspberry Patch

I got a new coop built for the chickens.  The old one turned out to be just too heavy and based on the way I built it dragging it will not really work.  So the new one is built on two 4″x4″x12′ that serve as skids.  The skids are about 6′ apart and I also made it about 6′ high.

I left them in the last location too long and they got it down to bare dirt.  However there were a few things they did not eat/destroy and one of them was a wild raspberry.  So I decided to try them in my raspberry patch to clean out some bugs I have as well as the grass.  After three days it looks like this is working out really well.  Plus this area is not the greatest soil as it was dug up about 10 years ago to put in a sewer main and the top soil got lost in the process.  The grass is growing well now but it still doesn’t look like good dark soil.  I’m hoping running chickens over it will help with them scratching and their droppings.

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