Lost Two Chickens To A Hawk

I went out this afternoon to collect eggs (there were 19) and the chickens were not running around the yard like they normally are. As I got closer a large grey bird of prey (hawk?) took off from the chicken yard. When I checked it out two of the chicks were caught in the electro net fencing and were dead. It looks like the tried to get through the fencing and couldn’t anymore (they are now too big). Once the got themselves tangled in the fence the could no longer run away from the hawk.

Ironically if the fence hadn’t been there they would have been able to escape into the dense underbrush inches away from where the fence is. I’m going to have to re-think how I keep the chickens as they are not smart enough to not get themselves tangled in the fence. Maybe I need more power in the shock as it doesn’t bother them unless it touches the top of their head.

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