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Chickens love Melon

In the video below you’ll see how the chickens love to eat melon this is the reason why they are not allowed to clean up the melon patch like they did the raspberries.

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Big Eggs

A “large” egg is 2 oz making a dozen 1 lb 8 oz. Our chickens turn out some really large eggs, some over 3-1/2 oz. The dozen below is 2 lb 3 oz, so the eggs average almost 3 oz, … Continue reading

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Another Chicken Update

The chickens are up to 30 eggs a day now. I’m trying to move them to new ground every two days. The video shows how eager they are to get into the fresh grass.

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Frogs, Toads & Snakes

Just about every time I’m out walking around doing something I see a frog or toad ( depending on how close to the creek I am). Also several times a week I see a snake if I’m in or around … Continue reading

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Egg Production Is Going Up

Below is the egg production for the last three days, 79 eggs if I counted correctly.  I need to find some more customers.

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