Winter Is Here

We have got over a foot of snow in the last 24-48 hours and now the temp is going to plummet and the wind will pick up producing wind chills well below zero.  I have to say I’m not really prepared for this weather, it has been a long time since we had weather like this in S.E. MI.  My little Saturn is so low to the ground that it is scraping snow with the undercarriage and is repeatably getting stuck.

The chickens have plastic wrapped around their coop to keep the wind out and they are not really leaving the coop the last two days.  Everything I’ve read about traditional chicken keeping in this area said they do find in unheated coops, I hope that is true.

Once I’m able to live on my 10 acres things will be a little easier as I can just hunker knowing I have everything I need around me, but living someplace else while I finish building the house means that invariably something I need is at the place I’m not.  Oh well a few more months and we should be done.

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