Owl Caught In Electric Fence

While at Ikea getting kitchen cabinets I got a call from my son telling me “We have an Owl Problem”.  There was an owl caught in our electric fence that goes around the chicken coop and defines the area they have to run around in.  The owl was eating a dead chicken and then must have tried to fly away and didn’t see the fence.

Jacob turned of the electric fence so the owl was no longer getting shocked, but getting it untangled from the fence had to wait until I got home.  We had to be very cautious as we didn’t want to get scratched or bit by the owl.  So after putting on heavy gloves we went out to check out the situation.

The owl was well caught and must have been exhausted from trying to get out and getting shocked every second for maybe several hours.  He would his and click his beak at us but didn’t do much else.  We had to cut a few strands of the fence to free the owl and he just laid on the ground for several minutes after he was free breathing heavy.  Then he got himself stood up and glared at us.  He was covered in mud so he couldn’t fly so he stood there a while to try and recover.  We watched him from the house and over the next hour he kept fluffing his feathers as the mud dried.  When we checked again he was gone, we found the tracks where he walked through the snow into the woods.  We did take a bit of before and after video.

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