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This Years Plantings

We have been slowly adding perennials to our homestead.  This year we have added some lilacs, a mulberry tree, two paw-paws, 4 cornelian cherries and some hardy Kiwi.  Also we are experimenting with starting American Persimmon and butterfly bush from … Continue reading

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Comfrey Is Doing Good

I planted a comfrey patch last year and didn’t get a lot of growth.  Even this spring I was getting a bit concerned because it wasn’t growing much.  However the cold lasted a long time this year, in fact I … Continue reading

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Learning About High Power Circuits

Troubleshooting the Elec Trak E20 tractor is forcing me to learn some new things about electrical circuits.  My training was as a computer tech an that was back in the mid 80’s.  So I’m used to 5V low current circuits. … Continue reading

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Chickens Like To Roost High

The chickens are currently in an area with Honeysuckle bushes and some of them appear to prefer roosting higher then what I have in the coop.  The fact that they are able to get up this high gives me a … Continue reading

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Magical Night

It is hard to describe how beautiful this night is.  Looking our over the river bottom land with the full moon illuminating the wood-phlox and hundreds of fire-fly’s sparkling in the cool night air.  Looking out my bedroom window or … Continue reading

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We Now Have An Elec Trak E20

After more than a year looking for something electric powered to move trailers and firewood around our place an Elec Trak E20 popped up for sale less than 10 miles away.  reportedly this sat in a barn for the last … Continue reading

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