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Chickens Roosting

The chickens still will not spend the night in the coop.  I suspect that since they are on a slope now and the coop is at the bottom of the slope most everything is “higher” than the coop, even if … Continue reading

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All Around The Mulberry Tree

I have found two mulberry trees on the front half of my property.  The larger one I found two years ago but lost it last year.  I know how can you “loose” a tree.  Well I’m not that good at … Continue reading

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July Chicken Update

I got the chickens moved to an area they have never been to before.  It is an area of brushy undergrowth and a few large trees.  It also is the hill going from my high ground to the river bottom … Continue reading

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Crazy Chickens

The chickens got moved to a completly new location a few days ago.  This area has some large trees and is full ofu underbrush.   It is close to the house and I want it cleared to plant something that looks … Continue reading

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We Have Mulch

My mother noticed a company clearing for a new bike path and asked them if we could have the wood chips since they were working less than 2 miles away.  They were willing so the wouldn’t have to drive the … Continue reading

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Asparagus is Growing Good

Two years ago I planted some asparagus crowns.  At the time I didn’t really know where I wanted them so I just stuck them in the ground near the front of my property.   This turned out to be a bit … Continue reading

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First Mowing With Electric Tractor

I am getting close to working out all the bugs with the Elec Trak electric tractor.   Tonight I actually got about an acre mowed before it got too dark.  The grass is tall in some areas so I had to … Continue reading

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Elec Trak is Moving

Work on the electric tractor is progressing.  I’ve found several places where there were corroded connections.   This is bad is a high current application as it raises resistance,  which produces heat, which raises the resistance even more, which creates more … Continue reading

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