Chickens Roosting

The chickens still will not spend the night in the coop.  I suspect that since they are on a slope now and the coop is at the bottom of the slope most everything is “higher” than the coop, even if they are closer to the ground.  Also some of them like to roost on the ground under a thicket of brush video below.

They will be making a fast path across my lawn area to help it out.  The area in front of the house my wife wants for law was completely dug up to run the sewer & water lines so it is now basically sand with no organic matter in it.  The grass is growing, more or less, but it is thin.  Therefore my plan is to move them quickly over the area to improve it with their scratching and droppings.  We will see how successful I am.

I did find it is MUCH easier to move the electro-net fencing at dusk when they have started to roost, as long as the area they are roosting wont be outside of the new area.  The only problem is you are racing against the dark.

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