Crazy Chickens

The chickens got moved to a completly new location a few days ago.  This area has some large trees and is full ofu underbrush.   It is close to the house and I want it cleared to plant something that looks better.  Well te chickens like is so well they abandoned the coop and nest boxes.   They are roosting on downed tree limbs or a stump and laying their eggs in the tall weeds,  where it is very hard to find them.  This problem is going to take some thinking to figure out.

I did find another dead chicken today, I suspect a bird of prey got her because what was left of her was still inside the fence.   Two of the white leghorns have decided they want to sleep outside the fence on top of a broken off tree about 8 feet in the air, I don’t even know how they get up there.


New chicken area

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