July Chicken Update

I got the chickens moved to an area they have never been to before.  It is an area of brushy undergrowth and a few large trees.  It also is the hill going from my high ground to the river bottom land.  However they like the area so much they stopped spending the night in the coop, they are roosting in the bushes.  Even worse they stopped laying in the nesting box, so I have to go one an egg hunt every day.  Just to be difficult once I find an area they are laying they move.

A bigger problem is I think I have lost 6 or so to predators just in the last week.  One was inside the fence, there is no sign of the others except a pile of feathers.  I had a real problem with some of them not wanting to stay inside the fence.  I did catch a coyote on a trail cam behind the creek, so there are ground predators in the area.  To date the electric fence seamed to keep them out, but this week has been the worst looses I’ve had since I started keeping chickens almost two years ago.

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