Problems Moving Chickens – Again

I’m starting to re-think my choice to use portable electric fencing for the chickens.  While it is easy to move it over 10′ or 20′ at a time on grass, the first tree you run into becomes a problem.  The fence has to be pulled up almost completely to go around the tree and then done again when you go past the tree.  The area I’m trying to run the chickens has a lot of trees and brush so when I moved them this last time I spend far too much time chasing chickens.

It is amazing that when you want them out of the way you have to be careful not to step on them, however start catching them and after the first few the rest are very hard to catch.  I even got a big fishing net and it helps some but they are still real fast and if they have anything to hid under or go around (like a tree or a bush) that doesn’t really work.  For a birdbrain they sure do figure out quick how long your reach is with whatever you are using to try and catch them.

Further I would recommend that if you go with the electro-net fencing that you go with the 80′ sections rather than the 160′ ones.  This gives you greater flexibility as to where separate the fence to go around things like trees.

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