Moving Day – Possible Solution To Predator Problem

I’ve lost a couple more birds to the hawk so I have to do something.  I’ve decided to move the birds to what will be their winter location.  This is relatively close to the house so I can run power to keep their water from turning to ice and will be easier to check on them.  Plus this area has a lot of honeysuckle bushes, which I hope will provide enough cover from the hawk.  This is a bold bird, it appears he has went into the coop twice to get a bird.

I build the coop as a skidable structure and it sits on two 4×4’s with a 45deg angle cut at each end.  There is a rope at each end that I can use to pull by hand (just barely by myself on level ground) or using a tractor.  This year we got an electric garden tractor build by GE in the early 70’s and it is working out great for this kind of thing.  With winter coming on I want to enclose about 80% of the walls of the coop to cut down on the wind.  I have went through 2 winters so far with this 3 sided coop concept and it has worked well so far.  Last year this coop was covered with plastic, but I want something more permanent as I think this is working out for me.  I got a 10 bay nest box from Craig’s List that I want to mount in the coop as well.

Here is a quick video of my driving the electric tractor and pulling the coop behind.

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