Monthly Archives: March 2015

We Have A Broody Hen

We appear to have a hen go broody.  The last couple of days the same hen is in the same nesting box, refusing to leave.  Time to do some research about broody hens and chicks hatching. There is no telling … Continue reading

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Plans For 2015

This is the year I get back to some vegetable production and maybe some other annual plants.  I have found a few places that have not done so well in the past, this year I’m trying a new plot.  This … Continue reading

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The Snow is Melting Fast

After a bitterly cold winter spring has sprung with a vengeance.  In just a couple of days the more than a foot of snow is rapidly disappearing.  The chickens are glad to have the ground clear to scratch and peck. … Continue reading

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Adding Bedding to the Chicken Coop

The chickens really do not like to walk around in the snow so they spend a lot more time in the coop in the winter here in Michigan.  I gathered bags of leaves from the curb in the fall and … Continue reading

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