Future Vegetable Garden

Previous locations haven’t worked out as a place to grow vegetables so my plan is to clear the brush and garbage trees in this area.  This shot is looking south so the good Black Walnut in the foreground can stay without shading out the garden.  While it is hard to judge the scale it is plenty far away to keep from having a negative effect on the garden.  The chickens spent a winter here a year ago and to my knowledge hasn’t been dug up for decades, if ever.  Further this is river bottom land that has flooded a couple of time in the last 10 years that I know of, further depositing organic material



My plan is raised beds with some half-rotted logs laying on the ground that I plan on burying in the beds and I can get 2 yards of compost from the township.  I have a large pile of wood chips that I got a tree clearing crew to dump when they were working about a mile away that will be paths.

Here is a little video clip from closer.

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