Fungal Activity In Wood Chips

About a year ago I got several truck loads of wood ships dumped on my property from some tree clearing that was being done about a mile away.  I’ve used some of them around various plantings I’ve done, but barely made a dent in the pile.  My wife got some roses that me and my son planted by the front porch and we decided to put down a thick layer of mulch to help keep the area moist.  SWMBO approved of a base layer of these wood chips from tree clearing and we will come back with a prettier layer of mulch to top dress it.

However as I was digging into the pile I fond an area that was dense with mycelium hyphae and I was very happy to see this.  Having a fungal web in the soil is supposed to be very good for plants so I started putting one scoop of the dense white stuff in each wheelbarrow full of wood chips.  This should help to improve what is basically yellow sand as soil in the planting bed.

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