Chicken Coop – Rebuilding the Roosts

With the size of my flock increasing I didn’t have enough roosting space. Also I got a 10 spot nest box from Craig’s List that I hadn’t planed for when I build the coop. Therefore I decided it was time to re-work the coop a bit. This involved changing the direction the roosts went and hanging the nest boxed on one end wall and adding sheet metal on that end wall. I still plan on enclosing 3 walls of the coop with this metal that came from an old shed that was being torn down. The birds have done quite well through 2 Michigan winters (some of the worst on record) in this coop with the 3 walls covered with plastic or a tarp, so I’ve decided to make it a bit more durable.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to make the walls removable, I like the air flow they get in the summer with only the 1 wall the nest boxes are up against.

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