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DIY Chicken Feeder

After being unhappy with my store bought hanging chicken feeder I decided to make my own.  The biggest problem I needed to solve was to make it so rain wouldn’t get into the food.  As you can see from this picture this … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For Winter

After a cold and rainy day I realized I really need to get working on getting ready for winter. I still need to cover 2 1/2 sides of the chicken coop with some meta that I have from an old … Continue reading

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Black Walnuts – What To Do With Them

I have 20+ black walnut trees on my property and each fall they drop hundreds if not thousands of nuts. If you’ve never seen a black walnut it is about the size of a tennis ball and is covered with … Continue reading

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Chicken Killed Last Night

We heard some commotion late last night and I went out this morning and there was a chicken dead and partially eaten in the coop. I checked and the electric fence was still on and surrounding their area so I … Continue reading

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Big Toad

For some reason I am seeing more frogs and toads this year, maybe because we are actually living here. I’m happy as this indicates to me a healthy eco-system.  Today I stumbled across the biggest toad I’ve ever seen.

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Time To Split My Tractor

My 1964 Ford 4000 shreds the starter gear and according to the Internet the ring gear needs to be replaced. While gear is a very reasonable  $30, you have to split the tractor, which for a person like me that … Continue reading

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