I got a Husqvarna MZ-52 Mower To Review

Somehow I got selected to be part of a group of people given Husqvarna mowers to review.  At first I tried to get an Automower that would mow the lawn for me, however my ground was too rough.  I never got the “Lawn” finished graded after construction.  So instead Husqvarna offered me a ZTR with a 52″ cut, at no charge provided I write about my experience.

Let me just say Wow!  In just 2.2 hours I mowed everything, something that used to take me 2-3 times as long.  I suspect it will take even less time in the future as in several areas I let the grass get far too high.  Also there are some areas I had to slow down because they were so bumpy I couldn’t go anything close to full speed (the same areas that meant the Automower wouldn’t work).  I never drove a ZTR mower before and the two handle control took some getting used to, but after an hour I was doing OK.  It will take some time to learn how to get close to trees and stuff.  I’m really looking forward to trying out this mower over the summer.

I do have to say it is much louder that the GE Elec-Trac I had been mowing the area in front of the house.  But that is electric and I couldn’t do it all in one charge.

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