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Planting A Legacy

I’ve been living in my forever home for 6 years now. I recently went over to my mother’s house and got some divisions from hosta’s that have been in my family for over 100 years. The details are a bit … Continue reading

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Chickens Like Comfrey

I have a garden area that didn’t get used this year and it had gotten overgrown.  So I put the portable fencing around it and started letting the chickens in during the day.  I noticed the comfrey plants, the chickens are … Continue reading

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Every Homestead Needs A Puller

I am firmly convinced that every homestead needs something to pull trailers or wagons or simply drag things around your property.  When you start carrying something any distance you will understand the value of something to pull things. Options A small … Continue reading

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We Have Some Chicks Hatched

We got a bit of a surprise when this mother hen showed up with 4 chicks.  We did not know we had a brooding hen.  I later found the nest she made in some tall weeds near our house.  She takes these … Continue reading

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Sharecropping – It Could Be A Good Thing

Historically sharecropping has been associated with taking advantage of the less fortunate, those with the land had the ability to dictate terms to those that did not.  Often times the agreements were structured so that those doing the farming, the … Continue reading

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Clyde’s Garden Planner – Everyone Should Have This

Several years ago I ran across Clyde’s Garden Planner.  For only $5 delivered you get a card that slides something like a slide rule and does a wonderful job of indicating when you should plant different vegetable in the spring and fall. … Continue reading

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Possum In The Chicken Coop

For some time now our egg production has been very low and we have lost several birds.   I haven’t been able to figure out what the problem is. Tonight I had to collect eggs after dark and was startled … Continue reading

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I got a Husqvarna MZ-52 Mower To Review

Somehow I got selected to be part of a group of people given Husqvarna mowers to review.  At first I tried to get an Automower that would mow the lawn for me, however my ground was too rough.  I never … Continue reading

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Planted Hardy Kiwi

Hardy Kiwi is something I’ve wanted to grow for some time now, but never got around to it.  I like the taste of the New Zealand Kiwi’s but never really cared for the fuzzy skin.  I have read that while … Continue reading

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I Love My Little Green Wagon

For a year or more we have had a small utility wagon from Tractor Supply Company.  It has turned out to be very handy for hauling things around our property.  The clever thing about it is that there is a … Continue reading

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