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Sharecropping – It Could Be A Good Thing

Historically sharecropping has been associated with taking advantage of the less fortunate, those with the land had the ability to dictate terms to those that did not.  Often times the agreements were structured so that those doing the farming, the … Continue reading

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Planting Update – Paw Paw, Wood Phlox & Comfrey

An update on some of what we have growing.  Many of the areas we only mow a couple of times a year now have wood phlox growing.  While we did not plant it I think it is very pretty.   … Continue reading

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Looking into Chinampas

I have an acre that is very wet and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.  I ran across an ancient Central American technique called Chinampa that involves raised beds surrounded by canals.  This is reported to … Continue reading

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Wild Apple Tree

I found an apple tree in with some other trees maybe 50′ off of the road.  It does not have a large trunk so I don’t think it was something deliberately planted as this land has laid fallow for 30+ … Continue reading

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Old Iron

My cousins on my mothers side love old farm tractors and engines.  Last week we were there for a family picnic and of course boys being boys we had to play with the toys.  First up we have an old … Continue reading

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