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Cock’s Comb Growing

I planted some seed that was more than 10 years old that my wife’s uncle gave me. They had a color I’ve never seen before, much more purple then I’ve seen before. I was afraid that the seed had lost … Continue reading

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Wild Apple Tree

I found an apple tree in with some other trees maybe 50′ off of the road.  It does not have a large trunk so I don’t think it was something deliberately planted as this land has laid fallow for 30+ … Continue reading

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Asparagus Still Growing

We planted asparagus crowns last year in two trench’s.  I’m not sure how long it will be until we can harvest, but they are still growing.  We will keep adding compost as the soil in this area is not very good, … Continue reading

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General Update

It’s been a while since I posted an update.  We were on vacation to Disney World and then have been working on paperwork issues.  The shell is up, all doors and windows are set, the roof is done and about … Continue reading

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Thinking About Bamboo

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a stand of large bamboo.  I’m considering this for our property I can plant it out back can control it with a brush hog.

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Rhubarb Liqueur

I’m going to have to try this next year with the fruits of my transplanted rhubarb patch.  

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Planting Asparagus

Two summers ago a started eating asparagus, this year I decided to plant some.  I ordered 16 crowns from and planted them according to the instructions (more or less).  I don’t know anything about growing asparagus or even if … Continue reading

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More Planting Done

I planted 15 raspberries of a new variety from Poland called Polka. We’ll see how they do in S.E. Michigan. Our township collects yard waste and composts it and every resident can get so much a year, this year it … Continue reading

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Planting Rasberies and Rhubarb

We dug up the raspberries and rhubarb that had been growing at the house we are moving out of. These had been growing in place for almost 15 years. What started as 4 rhubarb plants divided out to 19, I … Continue reading

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Starting an Asparagus Patch

Two years ago we joined a CSA and for the first time I had asparagus that I felt had to eat because I paid for it.  We found roasting it with olive oil and salt tasted pretty good.  Therefore I … Continue reading

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