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Every Homestead Needs A Puller

I am firmly convinced that every homestead needs something to pull trailers or wagons or simply drag things around your property.  When you start carrying something any distance you will understand the value of something to pull things. Options A small … Continue reading

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Electric Tractor Update

After chasing down poor connections and bad spots in the wiring the Elec Trak is in much better shape.  We had a broken steering shaft due to a front spindle getting very hard to turn.  I never realized that the … Continue reading

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Learning About High Power Circuits

Troubleshooting the Elec Trak E20 tractor is forcing me to learn some new things about electrical circuits.  My training was as a computer tech an that was back in the mid 80’s.  So I’m used to 5V low current circuits. … Continue reading

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We Now Have An Elec Trak E20

After more than a year looking for something electric powered to move trailers and firewood around our place an Elec Trak E20 popped up for sale less than 10 miles away.  reportedly this sat in a barn for the last … Continue reading

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